Wake-Up Call

Try these morning rituals to get your day off to the right start.

What’s your current morning routine? Maybe it goes something like this: mutter an expletive as the alarm goes off, begrudgingly pull yourself out of bed, throw on a robe and take the dog out while suddenly realizing that you forgot to set up the coffee maker last night (again)? Or maybe it’s something like this: you don’t mutter an expletive at the alarm clock (because you already woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep), pour yourself some coffee (because you did remember to set it up last night), turn on the news (nothing but traffic reports, weather updates, and general mayhem) while checking emails and wondering how you’ve received over 25 already. Not to mention that your dog is jumping all over you because he wants breakfast. 

If your routine is anything like either of those scenarios, or you are just searching for a better way to jumpstart your day, check out the following tips. 

Tune Into Your “Ikigai”

Your “ikigai” is literally the reason you get up in the morning, which is why tuning into it when you first wake up can be highly beneficial to your mood for the rest of the day. Your ikigai, also known as your purpose in life, is a Japanese concept that combines the words “iki,” meaning life, and “gai,” meaning benefit. Taking steps toward your ikigai is easy. You can start by practicing small habits that make you feel good, such as meditation, stretching, walking outside, or performing a random act of kindness. For help finding your ikigai, answer the following questions: What do you love? What makes you happy? What gets you really pumped up inside? 

Create a Soft Landing

Try to wake up naturally (without an alarm) to the natural light of the morning. This way, you’re not waking up to a hideous-sounding alarm causing you immediate anxiety that could remain for the rest of the morning. If that’s not possible, use soft music or something more mellow and happy-sounding as an alarm. You should also set your phone to ”do not disturb” so your sleep isn’t bothered by notifications and spam emails at night. 

Get Some Fresh Air

Before opening your computer or heading out on your morning commute, take a few minutes to go outside and get some natural light — and take your dog with you. Try not to think of this as a potty break for the dog — it’s when you set yourself up for the day. Neuroscientists call this grounding, and you may find that this creates a very positive mindset and mood and helps you to slow down. 

Water Before Coffee

Hydrating before having caffeine can be highly beneficial as it can improve your digestive system and metabolism (a bonus if you’re trying to lose weight), reduce heartburn and indigestion, and strengthen your immune system. 

Make Some Moves

If possible, wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and fit in some time to either exercise, stretch or do yoga. Stretching and exercising is beneficial for the brain and engage a brain frequency called SMR, or sensory-motor rhythm, used all day for cognitive thinking, problem-solving, and more.

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