Client Risk Profile

The process of investing requires careful consideration of risk or portfolio volatility. There is a trade-off between the volatility associated with an investment and its expected return over time. Typically, one must endure greater portfolio volatility in order to pursue higher returns. Each investor has a different tolerance for portfolio volatility based upon their particular circumstances and time horizon. This risk questionnaire helps in the design of an appropriate investment strategy to fit your unique needs. Please Type Your First & Last Name In The Space Provided:(Required)
Which statement best describes your tolerance for investment risk with respect to this portfolio?(Required)
Outlined below are the average annual returns over time and the most likely best and worst case annual returns for four hypothetical investment portfolios: Which range of possible outcomes best fits your risk comfort level?
Which is the closest to the largest percentage amount you have ever lost on a single investment?
Which statement best describes your attitude towards investing?
When do you expect to begin withdrawing significant amounts of money from this portfolio?
If a unique circumstance were to require an amount of capital equal to at least one-fourth the value of your investment portfolio, where would you obtain the money?
What is your overall knowledge of investments?
When you review the portfolio, do you focus more on individual positions or the overall portfolio?
How would you most likely react to losses in your portfolio?
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