Stress Awareness & Support During COVID-19

Webinar: Stress Awareness & Support During COVID-19

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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th at 2:00pm (PDT)

One Strategic Capital presents the first in a series of free webinars for our clients and partners. There is no question that we are all under pressure and these times make everything seem more stressful. How are you handling the added stress? How is it affecting you and your interactions with family, friends and coworkers? What can you do to manage the pressure and your reactions to it?

In this webinar, we’ll talk with Myrna Hill, LMFT about this topic. Myrna is certified in Critical Incident Stress De-Briefing and has served service members and their families on various US Military bases stateside and in Europe. Myrna knows about stress!

You will leave this webinar with:

1. A better understanding of why you react the way you do,
2. Simple and practical strategies for dealing with your stress, AND
3. Tools to help those around you begin to deal with their own stress.

We would love to see you next week for this exciting, practical and impactful presentation.

Stay healthy and stay the course.

Your Advisors and the Team at OSC